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Monday, May 19, 2008

How to choose your Engagement Ring

Before you buy an Engagement Ring, there are several steps for your preparation.

When determining to buy the Engagement Ring, you must survey to the jewelry store or magazine or internet. So you can compare and study more Engagement Ring style and price. Make more survey before the wedding day, so you can have much time to determine the Engagement Ring that you want.

Set the budget. You can have a good money control for the wedding, that will not exceed the budget.

Ensure the design of your Engagement Ring that is chosen could be last long. So you can always use this Engagement Ring in the future.

Choose the Engagement Ring is simple and comfortable. Suggest to choose the white color ring and the round diamond. Round diamond is not angle so the rays are better.

Do a final fitting for the Engagement Ring in your relax condition and your body temperature is normal. Your condition can influence your finger size.

For a small finger is suggested to not choose the Engagement Ring that have the wide band shape.

Choose the Engagement Ring that was easy to be cleaned, so you could easy to clean by yourself. If your ring design is so complicated, confirm your jewelry store should be provided the jewelry washing service.

1 comment:

kit said...

The tips for choose engagement ring is interesting and useful, white color and round diamond is good idea. By the way, if the jewelry store can provide the jewelry washing service that’s perfect !