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Friday, May 9, 2008

My first diamond Ring

My First Diamond Ring, this story was happened when I graduated from the school. That was the shinny day. I’d just got

my first bonus from Steven (my boss) and very happy with my good friend Ruby to go shopping.

On the street, we were chatting and laughing. Suddenly, we stopped and silent. In our sight, there was something attracted us, we found there're a lot of diamonds in the shop. That was a diamond jewelry shop. In the display window, there were shown a big banner of “Big Sales”, another banner shown “More Diamond rings are cheap and the price is lower than 50%”.

For all the girls, it is really attractive and exciting. We found a very special diamond ring show in the display window.

That was a one carat diamond square princess cut stone in the center and with nearly 1/2 carat small diamonds around. The ring is so fascinating and charming. Besides, there was a diamond pendant with necklace matched with this diamond ring. The matching is perfect. Although the banner shown “Big Sales”, we were still standing outside this jewelry shop and watching. Ruby suggested, we’ve got the bonus, why we did not buy one to give ourselves a prize. It’s a good idea. At this moment, we started up to eye-sourcing our aim. Stand behind us, there’s a saleslady, she invited us to go to the shop. We tried very hard for a lot of diamond rings that sold in special price. Finally, it’s not easy that I found one ring with 5 small diamonds around 0.1 carat on it, the price is so cheap enough for me. Even though the diamonds were small, I’m so satisfied my first diamond ring, at least, it need not to use the magnifying glass to see these diamonds.

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